What do I bring?

Day time temperatures in the Mediterranean between May and October normally range between 19 to 26 degrees and at night can be as low as 12 degrees. Therefore, warm and sunny during the daytime, but often cool enough to need a jumper in the evenings, and whilst sailing the wind chill can make it cool enough to need a lightweight jacket. It is also important to remember that it is possible to burn from the reflection of the sun off the water even if you do not feel very hot. In this instance it is advisable to have a long-sleeved thin shirt and a thin pair of trousers to protect you. When packing please remember to use a soft bag – there is limited room for hard suitcases on board.

You will be provided with a lifejacket and safety harness, all bed linen and bathroom towels. Please remember also that lots of thin layers are better than one thick one – it is easier to cool down than to warm up, so we recommend that you start with a lot of layers, and if they are too much you can always take one off. We all tend to go on holiday taking too many clothes and with sailing this is especially the case – ‘less is more’ is generally worth remembering and with this in mind we recommend you bring:

  • T Shirts, polo shirts, shorts and a long sleeved shirt.
  • Fleece jumper / trousers (tracksuit bottoms) – not wool as this is difficult to dry.
  • Light sailing / walking trousers – please do not bring jeans as they do not dry.
  • Light weight waterproof jacket.
  • Socks, fleece hat, cap to keep the sun off, gloves.
  • Deck shoes with a non-marking non slip tread (fine treads are more effective than deep treads).
  • Much of this clothing is available from specialised sailing shops, but can be expensive. Any outdoor clothing for walking, skiing, hiking etc. will work just as well.
  • Casual clothes and shoes to wear ashore.
  • Swim suit, beach towel, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Wash kit and personal medications (please bring sufficient for the trip plus extra and any medication you may need in an emergency)
  • Small selection of your favourite CD’s and books.
  • Camera, small pair of binoculars.
  • There is usually a hairdryer on board for your use (please do not try plugging your own hairdryer in) There are 240V sockets available to charge up phones, cameras, electric razors etc.