Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you arrange transfers?

    We can arrange transfers from most international airports to suit your arrival / departure times and journey time to arrive at your yacht.
  • When can I arrive & depart?

    Embarkation time is normally 17.00 and disembarkation is 10.00. If you wish to travel independently and arrive earlier or depart later, then you may leave your bags on board whilst you explore ashore. If you arrive later than 17.00 don’t worry, we will adapt the evening programme to suit your arrival time. If you experience any delays whilst travelling, please let us know.
  • What travel documentation will I require?

    You will require the following travel documentation: Passport – with a valid in date (visas are not required on our cruises) Travel Insurance – it is a condition of booking that you have appropriate insurance cover and we will require evidence of this, together with emergency contact numbers before you travel. (Please be aware that regular travel insurance may exclude sailing and should cover medical evacuation and repatriation from the yacht). Guest Information Form – to ensure your comfort and safety on board we would like to know a little bit more about you. Therefore, following your booking we will send you a guest information form for completion and return to us.
  • What do I bring?

    Day time temperatures in the Mediterranean between May and October normally range between 19 to 26 degrees and at night can be as low as 12 degrees. Therefore, warm and sunny during the daytime, but often cool enough to need a jumper in the evenings, and whilst sailing the wind chill can make it cool enough to need a lightweight jacket. It is also important to remember that it is possible to burn from the reflection of the sun off the water even if you do not feel very hot. In this instance it is advisable to have a long-sleeved thin shirt and a thin pair of trousers to protect you. When packing please remember to use a soft bag – there is limited room for hard suitcases on board.

    You will be provided with a lifejacket and safety harness, all bed linen and bathroom towels. Please remember also that lots of thin layers are better than one thick one – it is easier to cool down than to warm up, so we recommend that you start with a lot of layers, and if they are too much you can always take one off. We all tend to go on holiday taking too many clothes and with sailing this is especially the case – ‘less is more’ is generally worth remembering and with this in mind we recommend you bring:

    • T Shirts, polo shirts, shorts and a long sleeved shirt.
    • Fleece jumper / trousers (tracksuit bottoms) – not wool as this is difficult to dry.
    • Light sailing / walking trousers – please do not bring jeans as they do not dry.
    • Light weight waterproof jacket.
    • Socks, fleece hat, cap to keep the sun off, gloves.
    • Deck shoes with a non-marking non slip tread (fine treads are more effective than deep treads).
    • Much of this clothing is available from specialised sailing shops, but can be expensive. Any outdoor clothing for walking, skiing, hiking etc. will work just as well.
    • Casual clothes and shoes to wear ashore.
    • Swim suit, beach towel, sunglasses and sunscreen.
    • Wash kit and personal medications (please bring sufficient for the trip plus extra and any medication you may need in an emergency)
    • Small selection of your favourite CD’s and books.
    • Camera, small pair of binoculars.
    • There is usually a hairdryer on board for your use (please do not try plugging your own hairdryer in) There are 240V sockets available to charge up phones, cameras, electric razors etc.
  • Is there a minimum number to operate a cruise?

    Our cruises are operated on a whole yacht booking and therefore we will seek to arrange the appropriate size of yacht to suit your party.
  • Are children allowed on board?

    We welcome children on board under the responsibility of their parents. Teenagers are particularly keen to try helming the yacht!
  • What if I want to discuss my trip before booking?

    We are very happy to talk to you before you book about any aspect of your trip, and Richard will always be available to answer your queries either by email or telephone as soon as possible.
  • I am travelling alone; can I book a yacht to myself?

    We very much welcome individual travellers on-board – however as we only operate on a whole yacht basis, we will seek to arrange the most suitable yacht for yourself.
  • What about safety?

    Our yachts all comply with the MCA regulations for safety and safety equipment. There will be a full safety brief when you arrive and reminders of important points during the week. Your skipper and crew are professionally qualified and are on board to look after your safety and comfort during the cruise. They are used to sailing with groups of people of all ages and teaching them the ropes. They allow all guests to participate in all aspects of life on board, but they also impose some rules: especially enforcing our no smoking policy and when to wear lifejackets.
  • Who chooses the route?

    We want you to enjoy your holiday and let it come up to your expectations and encourage all guests to tell us of their thoughts and ideas on the first day, and then together we work out a route that is right for your trip. Unfortunately, if bad weather sets in, we might not be able to carry out our plans as exactly as we would wish, so we always have a contingency plan as well.
  • How much time is there to explore?

    The answer to this is as long as you need. There are harbours where in a trip ashore of 1 hour you can see all the sights and want to be off again – there are other harbours where you might want a day to explore. We will discuss your requirements for time ashore in conjunction with the route planning to make sure we get the correct mix of sailing and exploring to satisfy your expectations.
  • What happens in bad weather?

    It happens to us occasionally that there may be a day where it would be considered unwise to go sailing. In this case, because safety is of paramount importance to us, we will find alternative things to do. These could range from an organised excursion ashore, navigation lessons on board or watching a DVD.
  • Will we learn about sailing?

    We do not offer official RYA courses, as they are demanding on the itinerary. However, your skipper is more than happy to teach you as much (or as little) as you are interested in. As we go along you get a chance to haul up the sails, use winches to trim the sails, take a turn at the helm, learn new knots etc.  A lot of this learning comes by practice.  You can also practice your navigation and get 1:1 tuition on any parts of the RYA syllabus that you are interested in. Please remember to ask us lots of questions.  If you want to brush up on your theory or take a theory course before you come we suggest that you might like to try an online course or an interactive CD ROM.
  • What If I have never sailed before?

    Our cruises that start and finish in the same location and do not require an offshore passage are ideal for beginners. Our first day will usually be quite short to give you time to gain your sea-legs and get to know the boat. Your skipper and host are both used to teaching newcomers and will coach and encourage you even if all the others on board seem to know what they are doing. Don’t worry about the technical terminology we know how to make ourselves easily understood.
  • What about spending money?

    Your sailing holiday is all inclusive for life on board. However, you may wish to spend money ashore on excursions or visit a local restaurant. Plus, don’t forget, there will always be those souvenirs!
  • What about eating ashore?

    We will often visit harbours, ports and marinas where you may wish to eat ashore, and for the cultural and culinary experience we would encourage you to do so. However, you always have the option for self-catering and for a host to prepare all your meals whilst on board.
  • What about alcohol on board?

    Like driving, alcohol and sailing do not mix, even if you are not in charge, and so we do not allow the consumption of alcohol while we are under way. Once we are at anchor or alongside however, there is nothing like a gin and tonic to round off a good day’s sailing and wine can be offered with lunch and dinner.